About Us

Mr.Hutahaean & Partners is a law firm that is developing and is managed by legal practitioners of young potential. Consultant & Law Office was established as the form and the founder's commitment to participate in providing legal services in accordance with its and their respective expertise.

Developments and challenges in the business world this era of globalization increasingly complex, both related to aspects of production, marketing, distribution of goods and services but also related to aspects of legal protection.

Many companies are involved legal issues both internal & external brings material & immaterial losses that are not little for the company.Therefore, it is important for companies to protect themselves against various legal issues that can be a loss through cooperation with the attorney / legal consultant in protecting and defending the interests of the company. Advocate provides legal services include: Business Contract Drafting (Drafting business contracts), Legal Due Diligence, Legal Advice (legal advice), Legal Protection (protection of legal interests of both criminal and civil), Negotiation (the talks), License Organizing (maintenance of a variety of important licensing and problems organizational issues in general.

Mr. Hutahaean & Partners, Consultant & Law Office professional and responsible, willing to help and provide legal assistance to companies in order to avoid the trap enterprise legal issues that could hurt the company and its stakeholders.Excellent service, as well as effective and efficient in defending the interests of the Priority Client Our office services for business activities to avoid losses that have never considered before. For that we encourage the Company, Private in order to establish cooperation in the form of a permanent client of Our Law Office. 

The benefits of regular clients is as follows:
You are not distracted by the various risks associated with the law regarding personal, company.

  1. You can avoid losses both material and immaterial due to the errors of action because of ignorance of the legal aspects.
  2. You can have both security and peaceful because you have a lawyer who sometimes can defend your interests associated with the law.
  3. Having a Lawyer to show bona fide
  4. Lawyers have to give a big psychological advantage in the face of all the issues with other parties.
  5. Lawyers have shown the way forward and modern life.
  6. Cooperation agreement with us, both operating costs and lawyer fees or success fees remain tailored to each case is handled is certainly not the exact same case, keeping in severity and time handling the case with proportional costs, reasonable, relatively inexpensive .


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